The Ministry of Justice demands to liquidate the Russian branch of the Sokhnut agency, which is engaged in repatriation to Israel

The Department of the Ministry of Justice in Moscow demands the liquidation of the branch of the Jewish Agency ("Sokhnut"), which is engaged in repatriation to Israel. RIA Novosti writes about this with reference to the press service of the court.

On July 5, it became known that the Russian authorities in a letter demanded that Sokhnut stop its activities in Russia.

As noted by JPost, this order could undermine the process of aliyah of Russian Jews to Israel, as well as jeopardize the projects of Jewish communities in Russia.

The decision to ban the Sokhnut came amid growing tensions between Israel and Russia over Jerusalem's stance on the war in Ukraine and its policy of supporting Kyiv.

On July 4, the Russian Foreign Ministry called unacceptable the strikes on Syria, which Israel is accused of, and demanded their unconditional cessation.

American Daily Newspaper

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