South American trade organization MERCOSUR refused Zelensky to speak at the summit

The South American trade organization MERCOSUR did not allow Zelensky to speak at the summit, which takes place on July 20-21 in the city of Luqa. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay Raul Cano.

“MERCOSUR makes its decisions by consensus, and there was no consensus on this speech. Ukraine has already been informed that there are no conditions for a dialogue between MERCOSUR and Zelensky,” Kano said at a press conference.

On July 6, Volodymyr Zelensky and President of Paraguay Mario Abdo Benitez had a telephone conversation, during which the President of Ukraine said that he would like to address the summit participants about the war in Ukraine. Then Benitez promised to discuss this issue with members of MERCOSUR.

MERCOSUR is a common market of South American countries that unites Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

American Daily Newspaper

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