Biden has contracted the coronavirus

US President Joe Biden has contracted the coronavirus. This is stated in a message on the website of the White House.

“President Biden tested positive for COVID-19 this morning. He is fully vaccinated, revaccinated twice and is experiencing very mild symptoms."

The statement notes that Biden is already taking medication and will remotely act as head of state in full. The White House promised to update daily on the President's condition.

Earlier, molecular biologist and science journalist Irina Yakutenko told The Insider that the reason for the increase in the incidence in many countries and the new wave of the pandemic was a new variety of omicron - even more contagious than the previous one. According to her, the old vaccines are still saving from the severe course of the disease.

“The current vaccines, especially from the group of mRNA drugs, were extremely effective in preventing infection with early versions of the coronavirus and the severe course of the disease. However, the omicron has changed a lot compared to its predecessors, and the antibodies developed after vaccination are no longer able to prevent it from entering the cells. In other words, vaccinated (and recovering) can become infected again.”

American Daily Newspaper

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