A native of Donbass was fired from the Federal Penitentiary Service because of a Ukrainian passport

A man who moved from the Lugansk region to Russia and received Russian citizenship was fired from the FKU UII GUFSIN in the Novosibirsk region because of a Ukrainian passport. Writes about this "Precedent".

Until 2014, Aleksey Bolotov lived and worked in the Lugansk region, but after the outbreak of the armed conflict, he left for Russia. In July 2015, he received Russian citizenship in Novosibirsk. Since April 2019, he worked as a junior inspector at PKU IK-18 with the rank of ensign of the internal service.

On March 1, 2022, Bolotov was appointed branch inspector for the Pervomaisky district of Novosibirsk. A request was sent to the Human Resources Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia to award him an officer rank, but they refused. According to the man, the reason was the lack of a document confirming the withdrawal from the citizenship of Ukraine.

At the same time, according to Bolotov, when applying for a job in Novosibirsk, he stated that he had sent a letter of renunciation of citizenship to the Ukrainian consulate in Moscow. He also tried to hand over his Ukrainian passport to the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but he was refused due to the fact that this procedure was not fixed at the government level.

After the man failed to get a promotion, he was offered to surrender his Ukrainian passport. He did this on April 7, but after a couple of days the passport was returned and he was offered to resign of his own free will. Bolotov refused, and on July 15 he was fired.

"Precedent" sent an official request to the Federal Penitentiary Service with a request to explain the reasons for the dismissal. The department replied that Bolotov was fired on the basis of "submission of forged documents or knowingly false information."

American Daily Newspaper

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