The son of Zarema Musayeva managed to establish the names of the security forces involved in her abduction

Four security officials from Chechnya took part in the abduction of Zarema Musaeva, their names were identified, Ibragim Yangulbaev said .

“With the help of Hristo Grozev, we learned the data of some Kadyrov's mankurts who kidnapped my mother Zarema Musaeva. 1 - Adam Anesovich Madigov, 2 - Rokhan Machigov (Zaur Atabaev), 3 - Iskhak Alievich Chalaev, 4 - Imran Anzorovich Kutrashev,” said Yangulbaev.

In a conversation with The Insider, Yangulbaev said that one of these people (Iskhak Chalaev), when he saw his name on the list, did not try to deny anything, but suggested a “duel”.

On January 20, in Nizhny Novgorod, Chechen police broke into the apartment of Saidi Yangulbaev, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Chechnya. The security forces could not kidnap him himself, since he has a judicial immunity status, but they took away his wife Zarema Musayeva. The pretext for the abduction was that she was allegedly a witness in a fraud case in Grozny, where they were going to take her by force.

During the arrest, Zarema Musayeva lost consciousness, and the Chechen police officers dragged her out of the apartment.

On July 5, a court in Grozny extended the arrest of Zarema Musayeva, accused of assaulting a security official, until September 12. An ambulance was summoned to the court for Musayeva, but the doctors considered that she could take part in the court session.

In January, the son of Saydi Yangulbaev, Ibragim, who is known for his sharp criticism of the Chechen authorities, stated in an interview with the Dozhd TV channel that in 2015 he, along with his father and brother, were kidnapped and tortured at the residence of Ramzan Kadyrov, and Kadyrov personally participated in the torture. Later, according to Ibragim, his brother and father were released, and he himself was taken to the Terek SOBR (now the Akhmat SOBR), where they continued to mock, after which they kept him in the basement for six months.

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