The mayor of Vinnitsa: “The missile attack on the city was targeted, the Russians knew for sure that these were civilian objects”

The mayor of Vinnitsa, Sergei Morgunov, told The Insider that after the Russian military’s missile attack on the city, dozens of people are in hospitals, some of them in serious condition. The mayor also stressed that he considers the strike of the Russian army on civilian objects purposeful:

“As a result of this missile strike, 25 people were killed. Including three died in the hospital, the doctors could not save them. One of them is Natalya Falshtinska , a mother of three children, a doctor, many in the city knew her as a good specialist. More than 50 people are now in hospitals, two of them are children. 8 people are in serious condition, a 20-year-old girl lies with 98% burns, she is in critical condition.
The House of Officers, which was hit by one of the attacks, is a cultural center, it was one of the largest cinema and concert halls in Vinnitsa with a capacity of a thousand people. Children's circles worked there - dancing, sports ... Considering that the building is the garrison House of Officers, there were also farewell ceremonies for the military who died at the front. That is, this building had a cultural and ritual character. The square on which the House of Officers was located is one of the central squares in Vinnitsa, there is a public transport interchange hub, people change from trams to trolleybuses. A shopping center is located 150 meters from the House of Officers, a garment factory is nearby, and the central market is nearby, where there are large crowds of people. We consider this missile attack to be targeted, I think the Russians understood exactly that this is a civilian object, where there are many civilians. The Russian military could have hit the military structure, which is located within a radius of 2 kilometers from this square, but they hit here.”

On July 14, the Ukrainian authorities reported an attack on the center of Vinnitsa by Russian Caliber cruise missiles launched from a submarine in the Black Sea. The Russian Ministry of Defense explained the missile attack on Vinnitsa by the fact that "Nazis" were allegedly based in the local House of Officers.

Since the first day of the war, the Russian side has been claiming that it is only attacking the military infrastructure of Ukraine. In fact, it regularly shells civilian targets.

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