Russia disposes of the nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy”. She has been in the Navy since 1980.

The largest strategic nuclear submarine (NPS) "Dmitry Donskoy" (project 941 UM "Akula", according to NATO classification SSBN Typhoon) was withdrawn from the Russian Navy. This was reported to RIA Novosti by a source in the military-industrial complex. Russian political scientist and military analyst Alexander Khramchikhin told The Insider that such boats live 20-30 years.

The submarine "Dmitry Donskoy" has been decommissioned and is to be disposed of," the agency's source said. According to him, the name "Dmitry Donskoy" has already been given to another nuclear submarine of the Borey-A class (project 955A), which was laid down at the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise (Sevmash) last year.

The nuclear submarine "Dmitry Donskoy" became part of the fleet in 1980 and was the lead boat of the project, according to which six submarines were built. In 2002, the boat was modernized and re-equipped for testing the Bulava missile.

As Khramchikhin clarified, such strategic boats were once the largest in the world, but all have long been decommissioned due to obsolescence, Dmitry Donskoy was the last of this series.

“As a rule, such boats live 20-30 years. The nuclear submarine "Dmitry Donskoy" has long been used only as an experimental one. Naturally, it could not be used for military purposes in any way, except as a large-scale nuclear war.

The expert concluded that even if this nuclear submarine was in service, it would only be used in a nuclear war.

In April, Sergei Bratchuk, spokesman for the operational headquarters of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said that the Russian army was using submarines to carry out missile strikes on Ukraine. Thus, he confirmed the information of The Times , adding that we are talking about at least four submarines of the 877 Halibut project. They are located in the Black Sea and use Kalibr-type missiles to strike at the territory of Ukraine. The launch is made from a depth of up to 50 meters, which does not allow radars and satellites to fix them. After the destruction of the cruiser Moskva, submarines began to be used more often, Bratchuk claimed.

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