Roskomnadzor ordered search engines to mark Wikipedia as violating laws because of articles about the war

Roskomnadzor ordered search engines to inform users of Wikipedia's (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.) "violation" of Russian law by failing to remove articles about the war. The message of the RKN says that the measures will be in effect until the violations are completely eliminated.

“On the Internet resource Wikipedia (owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.), a number of materials recognized as prohibited remain undeleted, including fakes about the course of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine.”

The RKN recalled that the Wikimedia Foundation was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for “failure to remove illegal information”, the total amount of fines is 5 million rubles.

In May, Roskomnadzor demanded that Wikipedia remove the English-language articles Rashism (Rashizm) and 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine (Russian invasion of Ukraine-2022). The Prosecutor General's Office explains the demand by the fact that the articles contain "inaccurate information" about the war in Ukraine. In April, the court already imposed a penalty of 5 million rubles, the online encyclopedia appealed against it.

After the outbreak of the war, Roskomnadzor demanded that the Russian media, when covering the invasion of Ukraine, use only the wording "special operation". After the introduction of the law on “fakes” about the Russian army, The Insider, Radio Liberty, Current Time, Crimea.Realii, Voice of America, New Times,, DOXA, Ekho Moskvy were blocked ”, “Rain”, “Medusa”, BBC Russian Service, Deutsche Welle and others. TV channel "Rain", radio "Echo of Moscow" and the Tomsk agency TV2 decided to stop working. In most cases, the blocking was initiated by the Russian Prosecutor General's Office. The human rights project Roskomsvoboda reported that the number of publications blocked in Russia after the start of the war exceeded 5,000.

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