APU reported the destruction of a group of mercenaries PMC Wagner

Servicemen of the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade named after Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky of the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated the PIK group of PMC Wagner, which is sponsored by recidivist criminal Evgeny Prigozhin. This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

“The bloody ‘business’ of these enemy mercenaries has burst today. Once again we remind the enemy that only death awaits uninvited guests in Ukraine. And from the romance of easy money, one prospect is to become a particle of the fertile Ukrainian black soil.

Also attached to the post are photos with chevrons and bodies.

Earlier in Yekaterinburg, they noticed banners advertising the Wagner PMC, which is also called the Wagner Orchestra. On the website of the PMC, indicated on the poster, there is an announcement about the recruitment of military personnel to Ukraine. In May, a photo of the Wagnerites against the backdrop of the seized building of the Severodonetsk administration was published on Telegram channels. On the frame with musical instruments, which the fighters allegedly stole from the Severodonetsk music school, they placed the inscription “Wagner Orchestra”.

In July, "Important stories" wrote that the prisoners of the colonies of St. Petersburg were promised freedom and 200 thousand rubles for six months if they agreed to go to fight in the Donbass and remain alive after that. As reported by relatives of prisoners serving sentences in IK-7 "Yablonevka" and IK-6 "Obukhovo", they recruit Wagner PMCs through foremen and no one hides this.

PMC Wagner is sponsored by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a recidivist criminal convicted of theft, fraud and involvement of minors in criminal activities. Prigozhin's mercenaries are involved in many operations abroad, in many cases (such as the invasion of Ukraine) under the direct command of the GRU. He earned the nickname "Putin's chef" because he organizes Kremlin dinners. He also owns the largest troll factory.

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