Russia hit Kramatorsk with aircraft missiles, one person died – the head of the Donetsk OVA

Russia shelled the center of Kramatorsk, killing at least one civilian. This was announced by the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration (OVA) Pavel Kirilenko in his Telegram channel.

According to preliminary information, the shelling was carried out by aviation missiles. A fire started in a residential building.

On the morning of July 19, the mayor of Kramatorsk, Alexander Goncharenko, posted on his Facebook page about rocket attacks on factories: “Another turbulent morning in Kramatorsk - rocket attacks on factories. They are destroying our industry."

Prior to this, Russian troops launched an air missile attack on the center of Kramatorsk on July 7, the mayor of the city, Alexander Goncharenko, reported. On July 3, the city was hit by shelling of neighboring Slavyansk, which was hit by "the most massive strike in recent times."

In early April, Kramatorsk railway station was hit by a rocket attack, which killed more than 50 people. Immediately after the strike, Russian propaganda Z-channels spread information that Russia was firing at a "gathering of UAF fighters" at the Kramatorsk railway station. However, when photographs of dead civilians emerged, these entries were altered. The Security Service of Ukraine, after analyzing the trajectory of the missile and other data, found out that the strike was carried out from the territory controlled since 2014 by the pro-Russian armed formations of the “DPR”.

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