Odessa region was fired with Caliber missiles, six people were injured

Russian troops shelled the Odessa region with Kalibr missiles, spokesman for the regional administration Sergei Bratchuk said. According to him, one rocket was shot down.

“6 victims, including a child. Wounded but unconquered inhabitants of Odessa: I am proud of our nation. And do not forget to follow the rules of conduct during an air raid alert, ”the message says.

On July 16, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that it had destroyed a warehouse for storing Harpoon anti-ship missiles in Odessa. Ukraine said that the Russian Federation got into a furniture warehouse:

“[The Russian Ministry of Defense] fashioned Harpoon missiles out of furniture boards. Yesterday they hit the warehouse of a trading and manufacturing company with a missile, where there was not even a hint of something military, ”Bratchuk said at the time.

On July 1, it became known that the number of victims of a Russian missile attack, as a result of which one of the missiles hit a nine-story house in the village of Sergeevka, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district, Odessa region, increased to 20 people. July 2 was declared a day of mourning in the region.

American Daily Newspaper

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