The Moscow Times: hundreds of Dagestanis refused to fight in Ukraine

About three hundred servicemen from the unit 63354 in Buynaksk refused to take part in the war with Ukraine and returned to Russia without permission. Upon their return, they filed resignations, and local residents greeted them as "deserters", writes The Moscow Times, citing human rights activists.

According to the publication, the military served in the "DPR" area and, as soon as they got to Buynaksk, they began the procedure for terminating the contract.

“The servicemen claimed that they had problems with uniforms and weapons. If a serviceman is absent from his place of service for more than ten days, then criminal liability may be applied to him, and now the military prosecutor's office is investigating the case, ”the lawyer notes.

According to the human rights activist, some returned from the war with frostbitten limbs, several of them became disabled, as they had to "cut off the blackened meat."

As a result, some people quit their jobs, and some, under pressure from relatives and local authorities, recovered and after the hospital went back to Ukraine.

In mid-July, the Free Buryatia Foundation reported that about 500 Buryat contract soldiers refused to fight in Ukraine, terminated the contract and were able to return home. As the head of the fund, Alexandra Garmazhapova, said on the air of the Freedom TV channel, the fund receives more and more requests for help from the military every day.

Garmazhapova notes that, according to the law, contractors have every right to terminate the contract and not fight in Ukraine, but they are told otherwise, threatened with criminal cases, locked up, their phones taken away, and reports are not accepted. Read more about it here.

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