Property of Russian restaurateur Oleksandr Orlov worth UAH 400 million arrested in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the property of a Russian restaurateur worth 400 million hryvnias ($13.55 million) was arrested, the Bureau of Economic Security (BEB) of Ukraine reported . According to the Ukrainian media "Economic Security", we are talking about the Russian restaurateur Alexander Orlov, who owns the Bulldozer Group (it owns Queen Kyiv, Virgin Izakaya Bar, Eshak, Not Only Fish, Pila Fish, Queen Country Club, Fish Fetish).

BEB employees identified real estate, which, through offshore companies and controlled persons, belongs to "one of the Russian businessmen." The businessman, according to the bureau, tried to evade possible sanctions and seizure of property rights and planned to fictitiously withdraw assets.

The pre-trial investigation of BEB with the leadership of the Office of the Prosecutor General continues.

Earlier in June, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) seized the personal property of a Russian oligarch, the assets of enterprises controlled by him, and “minerals illegally mined by them” totaling more than 1 billion hryvnias (about $34 million). The entrepreneur “organized an illegal business in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions”, where his commercial structures were engaged in large-scale mining of sand and gravel “without paying taxes to the state budget of Ukraine on an especially large scale. The message did not indicate the name of the entrepreneur, but Obozrevatel, citing its sources, reported that he could be the beneficiary of the Unigran mining group of companies, Ukrainian businessman Igor Naumets. According to Stopkor, he has a Russian passport for a long time.

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