In 2021, the Alina Kabaeva Foundation received 218 million rubles from sponsors. Before that, no money was received into it.

In 2021, Alina Kabaeva, a gymnast and mistress of Vladimir Putin, received 218.2 million rubles to the charity fund. Previously, the organization did not receive any funds. The Telegram channel “We can explain” drew attention to this.

He studied the fund's documents on the website of the State Information Resource for Accounting Reporting (GIR BO). It turned out that 74 million of the total amount were voluntary donations, and 141 million were profits. What kind of sponsors finance the fund remains unknown, their names are not listed on the website.

In addition, the fund's receivables in 2021 increased from 3.6 to 30.8 million, and the balance on its accounts increased from 46 to 92 million. In the same year, the fund spent 27 million rubles on charity, and almost 8 million

In 2020 and 2019, the fund of Putin's mistress, according to the SPARK system, did not receive any money. The profit of the organization and the amount of donations were equal to zero. This is also evidenced by the explanatory notes to the financial statements removed from the register (available at the disposal of “We can explain”).

After the outbreak of the war, sanctions were imposed on Kabaeva by Canada, Great Britain and the European Union. According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States has also prepared a package of sanctions against Putin's mistress, but so far they cannot enact them. According to the publication, US officials fear that the imposition of sanctions against Kabaeva will be perceived as a personal blow to Putin.

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