Ukrainian cargo plane “Antonov” crashed in Greece

Ukrainian plane An-12 "Antonov" crashed in Greece near the city of Kavala. CNN Greece sources close to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority report that the plane was heading from Serbia to Jordan and was carrying 12 "dangerous cargo". There were 8 people on board. The Serbian Ministry of Defense reports that the aircraft was carrying 11.5 tons of "defense products" to Bangladesh.

According to CNN Greece, the pilot requested an emergency landing after learning of engine problems. He was asked to land either in Kavala or in Thessaloniki: the pilot said that he would try to fly to Kavala, but the plane crashed 40 kilometers from the airfield.

According to the mayor of the Pangeon community, Philippos Anastasiadis, the cargo on the plane could be ammunition. Rescue operations are underway at the scene. According to CNN Greece, rescuers working at the crash site felt burning sensations on their lips and eyes. The governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Christos Methios, said that the authorities of the region are waiting for expert assessments on whether the cargo carried by the An-12 poses a danger to local residents.

American Daily Newspaper

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