The soldiers of the 11th separate air assault brigade who refused to fight were locked in the garage by the command

Ten soldiers of the 11th Air Assault Brigade of the Russian Army who refused to fight in Ukraine were locked in a garage by the command, the Current Time TV channel reports , citing their colleague, Corporal Ilya Kaminsky. “They are kept locked up in the garage, locked up outside. They feed them once a day with some kind of gruel, tomorrow they will be sent to a pre-trial detention center, ”he told the TV channel.

Earlier, servicemen of the 11th Airborne Battalion from the city of Ulan-Ude told Current Time that they wanted to, but could not, quit their service: they were under pressure, the command threatened to send them to a pre-trial detention center. According to the TV channel, 78 people from the brigade wanted to quit and leave Ukraine, but after pressure from the command, 50 of them changed their minds about leaving.

Corporal Ilya Kaminsky is still determined to return home. According to him, they are going to send him “to a pre-trial detention center somewhere near Lugansk”: “People from the military investigation department for the Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk regions came, they forced them to write explanatory notes that we were ready to carry out tasks. Our reports were torn, not accepted, we wrote in order ... I will speak for myself, I wrote about 20 reports. None were considered,” he said.

Also, Current Time refers to a recording of a conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Agafonov, the deputy brigade commander for military-political work, and servicemen of the 11th Airborne Division, which was at the disposal of the editors. On the recording, you can hear how Agafonov offers simplified service options for soldiers who want to quit.

“Protection of the command post, protection of artillerymen. Nobody wants? The brigade commander says, ask who wants to guard the second crew of gunners. There are such? Three days for tasks, six days in a five-hat. They make everything so easy for you. Guys, I warn you, this is an extreme suggestion. If among you, according to the proposals that the brigade commander submitted, there are no people who want to - guard the artillery crews, I will not detain you. You have until 18:00. After 6 p.m., I do not accept any applications, ”Agafonov is quoted by Current Time.

According to Kaminsky, all the soldiers who refused to fight were divided into groups and one of them, in which there were 8 people, was taken away in an unknown direction. Lieutenant Colonel Agafonov, on the other hand, claims that they are in the commandant's office in Lugansk and are no longer going to leave. “These eight people are already very eager to join the ranks. They want very much. They call all day long. They are already ready with a machine gun on a motorcycle,” he said.

Also, Current Time writes that all refuseniks from the 11th Airborne Battalion do not report their location, but are in Ukraine. According to them, since the beginning of the war, the brigade has lost about half of its composition: this number includes those killed, wounded and those who refused to continue serving.

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