The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB are collecting information on journalist Svetlana Prokopeva in order to include her in the register of “foreign agents”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB are collecting information on Svetlana Prokopeva, a journalist from the “Pskov province”, so that she can be included in the register of “foreign agents”. Her colleagues told about it.

Journalists from the Pskov province published a clipping from the complaint of the regional prosecutor's office about the regional branch of the public organization Trade Union of Journalists and Mass Media Workers. It says that the prosecutor's office is collecting information about Prokopyeva in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB. The department sent a complaint to the Moscow prosecutor's office.

In July, the Moscow City Court suspended the activities of the trade union of journalists. The ruling clarifies that this was done in connection with an administrative case on “discrediting” the Russian Armed Forces. He was initiated because of “the publication on the website of the trade union of a publication containing unreliable information about a special operation to protect the DPR and LPR.”

In 2019, Prokopiev was added to the list of "extremists and terrorists" because of her "Repression for the State." In it, the journalist suggested that the terrorist attack committed by a 17-year-old teenager in Arkhangelsk could have been provoked by the repressive actions of the political regime. In July 2020, the court found the journalist guilty of justifying terrorism and fined her 500,000 rubles.

In February 2022, Prokopieva's criminal record ended. After the outbreak of the war, she left Russia. In May, she was removed from the list of "extremists and terrorists."

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