Saudi Arabia intends to increase oil production by 50% and help Ukraine with grain exports

Saudi Arabia has pledged to maintain the balance of the world oil market after the visit of US President Joe Biden. The US statement indicates that it also intends to increase the level of oil production by 50% compared with the figures planned for July and August.

“Both sides noted the importance of strategic economic and investment cooperation, especially against the backdrop of the current crisis in Ukraine and its consequences, and reaffirmed their commitment to a stable global energy market,” the communiqué says .

In addition, the United States and Saudi Arabia agreed to ensure the export of Ukrainian grain blocked in ports due to Russian military aggression:

"The leaders reaffirmed their commitment to providing critical assistance to the Ukrainian people, as well as ensuring the unhindered export of grain and wheat products to alleviate the global food crisis, which threatens to sharply impact several Middle Eastern and African states."

The US administration has repeatedly announced its intention to reduce Russia's oil revenues. In June, US officials explicitly stated that Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia was related to oil - in this way, the United States wanted to solve two problems at once: a sharp increase in fuel prices in the domestic market and a reduction in Moscow's oil revenues amid record oil prices.

American Daily Newspaper

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