In Moscow, the mother wrote a denunciation of her son for evading military service – “Caution, Moscow”

A resident of Moscow, after a conflict with her son, wrote a denunciation of him to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, complaining that he was evading military service. This was reported in the Telegram channel "Caution, Moscow".

According to these data, 26-year-old Christian lives in Moscow in the same apartment with his mother. He studied at the RANEPA and wanted to do business related to information security.

At the beginning of 2022, he was forced to stop his entrepreneurial activities, which served as an additional reason for conflicts in the family.

Relations escalated to such an extent that the woman took drastic measures. Three months before her son's 27th birthday, she decided to inform the security forces that Christian had not served and did not want to repay his homeland by writing an official appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In it, a woman spoke about the fact that her child evades military service on important days for the country.

On July 13, a resident of the village of Gorki-1 (Moscow region) wrote a statement to the police against his wife because of her views on the war in Ukraine.

The man "asked to take action" against his wife. He said that she "expresses anti-Russian sentiments associated with the holding of the NWO, and incites a common child against the government." The police started an investigation.

At the end of June, the media reported how in St. Petersburg a man denounced his friend for criticizing the war for the sake of "re-education." In May, the media wrote how in Moscow a girl was detained at her workplace for a Ukrainian ribbon after a denunciation by an employee of the business center where she came to work.

In Russia, thousands of administrative cases and dozens of criminal cases have been initiated under the article for “fake news about the Russian army”, many of them after denunciations. Earlier, The Insider talked to Russians who were denounced for their anti-war position by relatives, colleagues and classmates.

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