The peak of the losses of the Ukrainian army was in May, then up to a hundred soldiers died a day – Minister of Defense of Ukraine

During the war, the Ukrainian army suffered the greatest losses in May. Then, up to a hundred soldiers per day, up to 300–400 were injured. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov in aninterview with the BBC.

“Back then, the advantage of the enemy was the greatest, especially in the Donbas direction - they used up to a thousand artillery shells per hour. It was insane pressure, and we did not have the opportunity to respond to them: we did not have so many cartridges, ”he said.

According to Reznikov, the situation changed when the Armed Forces of Ukraine switched to 155-caliber weapons: “First, the Triple Seven, or Three Axes, as they are called (M777 howitzers), then went M109, Caesars, Panzerhaubitze and so on. And how the well-known HIMARS arrived - then, you know, when we accurately, very clearly fall into their compositions and command centers - this begins to change the picture of the battle very significantly.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that data on Ukraine's losses in the war and data on the number of dead are a state secret:

“The death toll numbers are a state secret during martial law. It is due to military expediency and the fact that the enemy should not know these numbers and use it for their own capabilities.

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