Commission to sue Hungary over anti-LGBT propaganda law – Reuters

The European Commission is about to sue Hungary over its law banning LGBT propaganda among minors and refusing to renew the license of broadcaster Klubrádió. Reuters writes about it.

Hungary passed a law banning the promotion of non-traditional relationships in July 2021. According to it, among minors it is forbidden to distribute materials about homosexuality and transgender transitions. Under the ban in the country and was the relevant thematic literature.

According to the European Commission, this law infringes on human dignity, freedom of expression and information, the right to privacy and data protection. Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said the European Commission's claim is unfounded:

"Membership of the EU does not in any way affect Hungary's right to make its own decisions on the protection of children in accordance with its nationality."

The second point of the European Commission's claims is related to Klubrádió, a radio station that criticizes the Hungarian government. Its broadcast was discontinued over a year ago, and now Klubrádió is online only. “We are fighting attacks on independent media with all the tools we have,” said Vera Yourova, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for maintaining European values ​​and transparency.

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