Vice-President of the Russian-Finnish shipbuilding company Valery Timofeev was sent to a pre-trial detention center on a case of treason

The court sent the vice-president of the Russian-Finnish shipbuilding company Valery Timofeev to a pre-trial detention center on a case of treason, the joint press service of the Moscow courts writes . Timofeev was taken into custody until September 12.

At the same time, according to Mediazona , in the arrest card, which appeared on the website of the court on July 13, a certain V.V. Lagoikin was listed as a suspect. How this happened, the court did not explain to the publication.

According to the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, Timofeev served as vice president for business development at Helsinki Shipyard Oy. The company is engaged in the construction of icebreakers. The Telegram channel writes that, according to investigators, Timofeev passed on information about the activities of the Yantar shipbuilding plant, which eventually ended up with Western intelligence services. Investigative and operational measures were carried out at the plant itself. Timofeev was detained when he tried to leave Russia.

Helsinki Shipyard Oy specializes in the construction of ice-class vessels for operations in the Arctic regions. Now, at the shipyard of this company in Helsinki, an icebreaker for Norilsk Nickel is being built - an environmentally friendly one, designed for operation in the Yenisei River basin, the Yenisei Bay and the Kara Sea. It was supposed to be handed over to the customer by the winter season of 2025, but due to sanctions against Russia, the process is being delayed, writes RTVi.

In addition, Helsinki Shipyard Oy built the Arctic cruiser SH Vega for the Russian State Transport Leasing Company. She planned to lease the ship to a British company, but due to EU sanctions, under which STLC fell, the ship could not be handed over to her, and it was sold directly to the British. The cruiser was launched at the beginning of 2022, but was completed in the summer.

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