Ukraine partially demines its ports for grain exports – The Wall Street Journal

Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN have agreed on key aspects of a plan to resume exports of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea. The Wall Street Journal writes about this, citing Turkish and UN officials.

According to the publication, the parties agreed to establish a coordination center in Istanbul responsible for controlling the supply of Ukrainian grain.

The plan to resume the export of Ukrainian grain, among other things, includes the partial clearance of ports by the Ukrainian side. According to maritime expert Yoruk Isik, this will take at least a couple of weeks. In addition, minesweepers will operate around the clock in the sea corridor.

According to the agreement, grain will be able to be shipped from three Ukrainian ports in convoys escorted by Ukrainian ships. A mandatory condition for this will be a ceasefire. Also, the Turkish navy will check ships arriving in Ukrainian ports to allay Russian fears that they may be carrying Western arms supplies to help Ukraine.

At the same time, as TWSJ sources emphasize, the consent of Vladimir Putin is required to conclude a deal. They hope the green light can be given when he meets Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan next week in Tehran.

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