The son of the former manager of the president, Kozhin, became the main owner of a chain of stores at Gazpromneft gas stations – Kommersant

Igor Kozhin, son of Vladimir Kozhin, the former chief executive officer of Russian President Vladimir Kozhin, became the main owner of the Stopexpress retailer, which owns stores at Gazpromneft gas stations. Kommersant drew attention to the relevant information in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

According to an extract from the register, since the end of June 2021, Kozhin owns 70% of the operating company Stopexpress. Prior to this, German Malevich owned a similar share there. According to the managing director of the investment company Peregrine Capital, Dmitry Gabyshev, the purchase of 70% of the network could cost 2.1 billion rubles.

Stopexpress is a chain of 123 stores that also operates some of Gazpromneft's gas stations. In 2021, its revenue grew 2.6 times and amounted to 4 billion rubles, while net profit increased to 134.2 million rubles, by 29.5%. In addition to Kozhin, Stopexpress is owned by the former general director of the Lenta hypermarket chain Vladimir Senkin (21.5%) and the general director of the retailer Konstantin Lebedev (6%).

Data from SPARK-Interfax indicate that Kozhin had not been involved in retail before. He owns the Ice Arena company, which planned to build sports facilities in Moscow. He also headed Roskommunenergo, and in 2015 Delovoy Peterburg reported that he heads the oil supply company Gala-Form.

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