Estonian prime minister officially announces resignation

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas resigns. She officially announced this at a government meeting.

Kallas clarified that she was leaving the post of Prime Minister of Estonia "of her own free will." Together with her, the entire government will resign.

“During the pandemic, we have kept society open and allowed children to go to school, we have helped people cope with high energy prices, we have invested a billion euros in strengthening Estonia’s defense capability, we have strengthened NATO’s eastern wing, and we have been one of Ukraine’s biggest supporters.” Callas said.

In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers proposed to the Speaker of Parliament to convene an extraordinary meeting on July 15. It is assumed that Kallas will announce the creation of a new three-party coalition, which she herself will lead. The coalition will include the Reform Party, Fatherland and the Social Democratic Party.

Estonian President Alar Karis approved the resignation of Kallas and again submitted her candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of the country. He invited her to form a new government of the republic.

Kallas decided to resign due to an internal split in the bipartisan coalition. According to the prime minister, he was connected with the issue of primary education in the country in Estonian. Earlier, the ruling "Center Party" and the opposition "Conservative People's Party" voted to reject this bill, which was approved by the cabinet by consensus. So, on June 3, Karis, at the insistence of Kallas, dismissed half of the cabinet - seven representatives of the centrists.

Kallas assumed the position of Prime Minister on January 26, 2021 and held her for a year and a half.

From the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Estonia condemned the Russian aggression, recognizing it as genocide. Kallas urged European leaders not to call Putin to make him feel isolated. In addition, the prime minister advocated the creation of special accounts for the transfer of funds for Russian gas and oil and their subsequent transfer to Ukraine. She raised the issue of reparations from Russia after the war to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure. Thanks to the efforts of Kallas, Ukraine received military assistance from Estonia for 250 million euros, which is 0.8% of the country's GDP.

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