Death toll from rocket attack on Vinnytsia rises to 12 – DSNS of Ukraine

As a result of attacks on Vinnitsa, 12 people were killed, dozens were injured. Among the victims is a small child. Such data are provided by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (DSNS).

According to preliminary data from the national police of Ukraine, 3 Russian rockets hit the building with office space, the house of officers and nearby residential buildings were hit.

A fire broke out at the site of the missile strikes, the fire spread to the parking lot, and dozens of cars caught fire.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky posted a video of the aftermath of the strike on his Telegram channel.

"Vinnitsa. Rocket attacks on the city center. There are wounded and dead, among them a small child. Every day Russia destroys the civilian population, kills Ukrainian children, directs missiles at civilian targets. Where there is nothing military. What is this, if not an open terrorist act? Inhumans. Killer country. A terrorist country,” Zelensky wrote.

American Daily Newspaper

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