The pre-trial detention center where the lawyer of Talents is located is overcrowded, you can only sleep on the floor – lawyer Berman

The pre-trial detention center in which the arrested lawyer Dmitry Talantov is located is so crowded that you can only sleep on the floor of the cell in the aisle, said lawyer Daniil Berman who visited him.

“Yes, pre-trial detention centers have never been sanatoriums, but in order to bunch people up like this and make them sleep on the floor, I haven’t heard or seen anything like this for a long time. Before writing this, of course, I turned to the right place, but they also say that SIZO-4 is overcrowded and 600 people are over the norm there. Disabled people of the first group sleep on the floor,” Berman said. He clarified that the 61-year-old Talantov ended up spending the whole night sitting on a bench.

Berman also wrote about Talatntov's health: according to him, he has high blood pressure:

“Dmitry Nikolaevich is hypertensive. Upon arrival at the pre-trial detention center, he had a medical examination. Pressure 220/120. And, of course, the above conditions did not improve his state of health.

At the end of June, the court arrested Talantov until August 21 in the case of “fakes” about the Russian army. The defense asked the court to refuse the investigation and appoint a milder measure of restraint - house arrest. Talant does not admit his guilt. He could face 5 to 10 years in prison.

Talantov is one of the defenders of the journalist Ivan Safronov and the head of the Bar Association of Udmurtia.

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