In Moscow, a “Sobyaninsky regiment” of mercenaries was formed for the war in Ukraine. It is partially financed from the budget of Moscow – Meduza

A military unit has been formed in Moscow to recruit mercenaries to take part in the war against Ukraine, Meduza found out .

According to the publication, the unit is at least partially financed from the budget of Moscow, and recruiters and mercenaries themselves call it the “Sobyaninsky regiment.” Enrollment started on July 1st. First, the mercenaries will be trained at the Mulino training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region, after which they will go to Ukraine.

Most of the mercenaries, writes Meduza, are not Muscovites, but residents of other regions. They are promised to pay more than 200 thousand rubles a month. Men under the age of 60 can enroll in the regiment.

As Meduza found out, one of the recruiters for the “Sobyaninsky regiment” is Roman Vladimirovich Vysotsky (call sign “Bolgarin”), who calls himself “battalion commander.” The same name was given to one of the former commanders of the people's militia of the "DPR".

Earlier, "Important Stories" found out that the PMC "Wagner" recruits prisoners from the colonies of St. Petersburg. They are promised freedom and 200,000 rubles for six months if they agree to go to fight in the Donbas and stay alive after that. The trip will be arranged as a stage and will be taken to the border under escort.

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