Fraudsters who created a fake cricket league to deceive Russian players on bets were detained in India

The scammers set up the defunct Indian Cricket League. They cashed in on bets from Russia, which viewers made on the Telegram channel. Independent writes about this.

The roles of the players of different teams were played by disguised farmers. Each such "player" was paid 400 rupees (about 310 rubles) per game.

Fake games were broadcast on the scammers' YouTube channel. These games even had graphics showing scores and lineups. The fake league lasted until the playoffs. When the first quarter-final matches were held, the police detained the scammers.

To create the atmosphere, audio recordings of fans from real cricket games were used, as well as recordings of the voice of a real Indian commentator. The stadium was never shown, only taking close-ups of the playing court and players.

Now they are looking for the organizer and coordinator of the scheme, it is known that he lives in Russia.

American Daily Newspaper

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