Nord Stream stopped for repairs

The Nord Stream gas pipeline was stopped for scheduled repairs, which will last from July 11 to 21. This follows from the data of the Nord Stream operator.

Supply statistics on the company's website show that the gas supply dropped to zero between 6 and 7 am. The company has previously warned project partners about planned maintenance of the pipeline. Before the shutdown for preventive maintenance, the gas pipeline operated at only 40% of its capacity - Gazprom claimed that it was impossible to maintain 100% gas flow without repaired turbines from the German company Siemens.

European politicians considered these statements to be another step of pressure on the European Union from Russia, but in the end, Germany agreed with Canada (the turbines were being repaired there) to transfer the unit to Germany with the subsequent transfer to Russia. According to Kommersant , the German side will hand over the turbines to Gazprom after the scheduled repairs. The publication claims that after the transfer of turbines, gas pumping will increase by at least 20%. Delivery of turbines to Russia will take about two weeks, and installation will take several more days.

However, the European side doubts that Gazprom will return gas supplies to normal, since the Russian company had the opportunity to increase supplies through other gas pipelines, including through Ukraine and Turkey, but the company did not do this.

Due to problems with the return of gas turbines, Gazprom reduced the gas supply through Nord Stream to 40% of the pipeline's capacity. To date, Nord Stream remains the main export route for Russian gas to Europe. A decrease in gas supplies through it significantly reduces the rate of filling gas storage facilities in Europe and creates risks for the heating season.

American Daily Newspaper

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