Mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine blame Izvestia correspondent for their death – journalist Ilya Barabanov

The mothers of Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine from military unit No. 74325 in the city of Znamensk, Astrakhan Region, blamed Izvestia correspondent Valentin Trushnin for their death. On June 30, he showed the attacks of the “tank carousel” of the RF Armed Forces on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the “DPR” and declassified the location of the military personnel. This was announced by the journalist of the BBC Russian Service Ilya Barabanov, who published a collective statement of mothers in his Telegram channel. However, the post was later removed.

According to the mothers, five servicemen were killed, three more were injured and are now in serious condition in the First Military Hospital in Donetsk. They appealed through the branch of "Soldiers' Mothers" to the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, with a request to prohibit the access of war correspondents to the front.

“After the release of a report by the military correspondent of Izvestia, Valentin Trushnin, on June 30, 2022, the positions of military personnel were fired upon by heavy artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This happened as a result of the declassification in the video material of the location of military equipment and personnel of the 1st platoon. We demand that immediate measures be taken to ban the activities of military journalists in areas of active hostilities, ”the letter said.

On June 7, the military prosecutor of the Western District Artur Yegiyev admitted that about 600 conscripts were involved in the so-called “special military operation” of Russia in Ukraine, and about 12 officers were held accountable for this violation.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense included military unit 84201, in which the sailors of the cruiser Moskva served, in the list of participants in the "special military operation." At the same time, neither the prosecutor's office nor the Ministry of Defense still admit that the Moskva cruiser took part in the war with Ukraine. In early May, the "Agency", citing sources, reported that the crew of the "Moscow" could consist of two-thirds of conscripts, 300 sailors could do military service there. At first, the Ministry of Defense claimed that the entire crew was "evacuated in time", but after a few days, reports began to appear about the "missing" sailors from the "Moscow". Even then there were reports that among them were conscripts.

Since the beginning of the war, the Russian side has been trying to hide the participation of conscripts in hostilities, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied this possibility. On March 9, the Ministry of Defense admitted for the first time that the conscripts participated in the invasion and some of them were captured.

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