The RF Armed Forces recruit thousands of people through labor exchanges. Most of all, the military is looking for units that suffer losses in Ukraine – “Important stories”

The Russian army is looking for tens of thousands of people for contract service. Recruitment is conducted through job search sites. Most of all people are recruited into units that suffer losses in the war in Ukraine, Important Stories found out .

The publication analyzed labor exchanges and found out that at least 7 units that fought in Ukraine posted vacancies for the recruitment of 2166 military personnel in total. One of them is the 64th motorized rifle brigade from the Khabarovsk Territory (military unit No. 51460), which, according to Ukraine, is involved in the genocide in Bucha. There are looking for 356 people. The unit confirmed that new people would be sent to Ukraine.

Also, 300 people are looking for the 104th Guards Air Assault Regiment. According to Important Stories, his military is also involved in the killing of civilians in Bucha. The 37th motorized rifle brigade from Buryatia holds the record for the number of announcements for the hiring of military personnel - 1270 people are required there. The region ranks second in the number of military deaths in Ukraine.

187 people are looking for the 74th separate motorized rifle brigade from the Kemerovo region, which in mid-May lost 485 people at the crossing across the Seversky Donets River.

In June, military units also began to recruit doctors, including psychologists. According to one of the announcements, "a psychologist should help the military "adapt to the environment, resolve personal problems, improve the moral and psychological climate in the team."

According to the analysis of the vacancies database of Rostrud “Work of Russia”, in total, by mid-June, military units were looking for more than 22.2 thousand new employees. Most vacancies are open in the Rostov and Ulyanovsk regions, as well as in Bashkortostan.

At the same time, labor exchanges are not the only source for finding new military personnel. Volunteers are recruited at the expense of Kadyrov's units, forced mobilization in the "LDNR" and through the PMC Wagner.

Not all military personnel are looking to be sent to Ukraine, but they can go there at will. In one of the military registration and enlistment offices of Bashkortostan, recruiting people for service in Tajikistan, "Important stories" was told that they could send people "for a special operation."

Journalists also found out that new contract soldiers can be transferred to the war without training. In one of the military units, the publication was informed that the transfer is carried out immediately after the recruitment of the group.

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