Searches are underway at the military commissar of Crimea, he is suspected of corruption – Interfax

Employees of military counterintelligence conduct searches at the military commissar of Crimea Yuri Lymar. This was reported by Interfax, citing a source.

According to the agency, the military commissar is suspected of exceeding his authority and taking bribes. According to a law enforcement source cited by KP-Krym, Lymar may be involved in the release from military conscription for money. According to investigators, he gave orders to subordinates to commit illegal actions against conscripts. Three subordinate military commissars are already under investigation.

Earlier, several of Lymar's subordinates were also prosecuted under articles on taking a bribe. We are talking about the military commissar Dzhankoy, the head of the conscription department of the Belogorsk military commissariat, as well as the head of the conscription department of the Simferopol commissariat.

Yuriy Lymar has been heading the military commissariat of Crimea since 2020. Prior to that, he was the head of the military registration and enlistment office of the Astrakhan region.

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