Austria will hand over the storage facility built by Gazprom to other suppliers

Gazprom's gas storage facility in Haidach (Austria) will be provided to other operators due to the lack of supplies from the Russian company. This was announced by Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer at a press conference in Vienna.

According to the chancellor, the “use it or lose it” principle was introduced: since Gazprom did not use the gas storage for its intended purpose, it lost it. “The gas storage at Haidach in Austria is still not full, so now it will be transferred to other companies to fill with gas, Austria will also use it in the future,” Nehammer added.

Earlier, Austria warned Gazprom about a possible scenario.

The gas storage facility in Haidach with a capacity of 2.8 billion cubic meters is the largest in Austria and the second largest UGS facility in Europe. It was built by Gazprom together with its subsidiary WINGAS. The UGS operator was one of the structures of Gazprom Germania, which fell under the sanctions of the Russian Federation. Thus, Gazprom lost the right to use the gas storage facilities.

American Daily Newspaper

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