200 Russian soldiers were killed in the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Russian base at the airfield in Melitopol – Mayor Ivan Fedorov

200 Russian soldiers were killed, another 300 were injured as a result of the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) on the Russian military base in Melitopol. This was announced by the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov on the air of the national telethon.

According to him, after the night strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military hurriedly left the airfield, and local collaborators "are afraid to go to work." Fedorov also said that the railway bridge between Melitopol and Tokmak was blown up, through which the Russians delivered weapons to the front line.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked one of the Russian military bases in Melitopol: barracks, warehouses with ammunition and fuel. More than 200 Russian soldiers were destroyed, more than 300 were wounded. Collaborators are afraid to go to work. The occupiers transport the surviving equipment to other military bases and hide it in forest belts. There are about 1,000 Russian soldiers in Melitopol.”

He also added that about 50% of the inhabitants - 70 thousand people - are forced to stay in the city. “In recent weeks, parents with children who want to enter Ukrainian universities have been leaving. After the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, another wave of mass exodus began,” he explained. At the same time, the Russian military is “filtering, kidnapping people, looking for partisans” in the city.

The fact that the Ukrainian military destroyed a military base in Melitopol, and also blew up a railway bridge, Fedorov reported on July 4. According to him, after that, the Russians completely blocked the city from five in the morning until four in the evening.

“The city is completely blocked, and all its inhabitants were held hostage. And today the situation is the same with the village of Lyubimovka, near which the destroyed bridge is located. In the morning today, the Rashists completely blocked this village for entry and exit, ”he noted.

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