Ukraine has put on the international wanted list Belarusian Sergei Kolotsey, who is suspected of murders in Bucha

The prosecutor's office of Ukraine has put on the international wanted list a citizen of Belarus, Sergei Kolotsey, who is suspected of killing civilians in Bucha, Kyiv region. It is reported by "Ukrinform" with reference to the prosecutor's office of the Kiev region.

According to Ukraine, Kolotsei is the commander of a division of the Russian Guard from the Ulyanovsk region. He is suspected of ill-treatment of civilians and other violations of the laws and customs of war, involving premeditated killings.

According to the prosecution, Kolotsei tortured and then killed four people on Yablonskaya Street in Bucha. Another person, according to the prosecutor's office, was forced by Kolotsey to confess to subversive activities against the invaders. “In order to get these ‘confessions’ from the man, he was beaten with the butt of a weapon, with a knife guard, as well as with hands and feet all over his body. A special kind of bullying is to force the victim to sniff the body of a dead person. After these tortures, the suspect imitated the execution of a man and shot near the ear of an unarmed civilian, the prosecutor's office said.

Kolotsey is also suspected of looting, after which he sent the stolen items through one of the post offices in Belarus.

The publication notes that the evidence of the prosecutor's office is based on the testimony of witnesses and the results of a portrait examination.

Earlier, the Belarusian publication reported that Sergei Kolotsey, according to his acquaintances, has been living in Mozyr all his life. There he is regularly seen at work and on the way to kindergarten, where Kolotsey takes his six-year-old son. Acquaintances say that he did not serve in the army, neither in the Belarusian nor in the Russian one, and was never a member of the National Guard of the Russian Federation or other law enforcement agencies. He has been working as an engineer at the Mozyr Oil Refinery for about five years. Kolotsiy himself, who was contacted by the journalists of the We Can Explain Telegram channel, denied his involvement in crimes on the territory of Ukraine. “I don’t serve in the National Guard. Are you out of your mind? Then the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office should blame everyone who sends parcels to Russia,” he said.

The SBU has already identified almost 900 Russian security officials involved in crimes in Ukraine.

On April 2, journalists and the Ukrainian military entered Bucha, liberated from Russian occupation, and saw the streets littered with the bodies of dead civilians. Some of them had their hands tied behind their backs, some died from shots in the back of the head. The Insider spoke to the residents of Bucha, and they told how the Russian military shot random passers-by, robbed houses and did not let them leave.

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, said in a video message that the world should be horrified by what happened in the cities of the Kiev region - Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel. “Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel are cities that have been liberated and are like a picture from a post-apocalyptic horror film. Among the already found victims of these war crimes of the Russian troops are raped women, whom they tried to burn, representatives of local government were killed, children were killed, elderly people were killed, and men were killed, ”he said. Many of the dead have signs of torture.

In total, more than 1,200 bodies of killed civilians were found in the Kiev region after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

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