Russians will be deprived of compensation for accidents of airlines after the departure of Boeing and Airbus

The Russian reinsurance company RNPC (a subsidiary of the Central Bank) has ceased to consider accidents associated with poor-quality maintenance or repair of aircraft as an insured event. According to Kommersant, RNPK refuses to cover the risks of airlines after Airbus and Boeing stopped the maintenance of Russian aircraft and the supply of spare parts.

RNRC accepted reinsurance contracts in the spring, when European insurance companies refused them due to sanctions, then the terms of the contracts did not change. However, by the summer, many carriers approached the deadline for the annual renewal of contracts, and some insured events began to “disappear” from the documents, the newspaper writes, citing market participants. First, the cover for the risks of arrest and confiscation of aircraft disappeared. Later, RNRC ceased to consider accidents resulting from poor-quality maintenance or repair as an insured event, although this condition existed in European contracts.

In the event of insured events, the problem can lead to many years of disputes over compensation for losses and will also affect payments to passengers, Kommersant writes. Some airlines were able to renegotiate the contract “on individual terms”, in particular, this was done by S7, which signed an agreement with Ingosstrakh. However, under what conditions it was signed is not reported.

The insurance companies note that they are trying to negotiate with the RNCP, but "the process has not yet been completed." According to AlfaStrakhovanie's deputy general director for aviation insurance, Ilya Kabachnik, “the terms of coverage must be clear to both the insurer and the client,” otherwise lengthy litigation over insurance events may begin. Also, the sources of the publication in Aeroflot reported that the company notified the Ministry of Transport of the problem in June. The RNPK declined to comment.

An accident that happened due to poor-quality maintenance or repair of an aircraft can be almost any, even a non-catastrophic situation. According to Vladimir Lapinsky, Director of Meridian Airlines, not only airlines, but also passengers and third parties will face difficulties in obtaining compensation. If each such case is recognized as non-insurable, airlines may drown in losses.

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