American pharmaceutical company stops deliveries of vaccines against chicken pox and measles to Russia

The American biopharmaceutical company MSD will stop supplying vaccines against chicken pox (Varivax), rubella, measles and mumps (M-M-R II) to Russia, however, it will maintain sales of its drugs, which have no analogues. It is reported by "Kommersant". Russian vaccination centers have already begun to receive relevant notifications.

According to RNC Pharma, in 2021, sales of Varivax in the public sector and in retail amounted to 162.8 million rubles (20% of the total supply of this vaccine) , and M-M-R II - 14 million rubles (1.5 %) . Kommersant emphasizes that in the future, supplies of not only vaccines, but also other MSD drugs that have analogues in the country may be stopped, follows from the company's comment.

According to the publication, according to the law, MSD will be able to stop deliveries only one year after notification by the Ministry of Health. MSD says it is "making every effort" to ensure the supply of life-saving drugs and vaccines for which there are no alternative products or treatments available in Russia.

The work of MSD on the localization of vaccines against chicken pox, rotavirus infection (Rotatec) and human papillomavirus (Gardasil) at the Forta site (owned by the Russian Nacimbio) was also stopped.

Previously, Eli Lilly, GSK, AbbVie announced a reduction in the supply of a number of products.

American Daily Newspaper

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