Lukashenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of trying to launch a missile attack on Belarus

Ukraine tried to launch a missile attack on the territory of Belarus, but the shells were intercepted by the Pantsir system. Alexander Lukashenko stated this at a solemn meeting on July 2 on the occasion of the Independence Day of Belarus, the BelTA agency reports .

“We are being provoked. I must report to you: three days ago, maybe a little more, from the territory of Ukraine they tried to strike at military facilities on the territory of Belarus,” Lukashenka said.

Belarus does not take part in the war with Ukraine, but, as an ally of Russia, it allowed Russian troops to move around the country and allows strikes against Ukraine from its territory. Lukashenka did not provide evidence for his words.

“They are still trying to drag us into the war in Ukraine. The goal is the same - to deal with both Russia and Belarus in one fell swoop. They allegedly worry, they say from Ukraine that they would not want Belarusian troops to invade Ukraine through the northern border, ”Lukashenko believes.

According to him, “they would be happy” if the Belarusian army entered Ukraine. “I repeat to you once again what I said a year or more ago: we do not seek to fight in Ukraine. We absolutely do not need this war,” Lukashenka said.

American Daily Newspaper

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