Tinkoff-Bank took a double commission from its client – for a failed SWIFT transfer and for its return

Tinkoff-Bank took a double commission from one of its clients for a failed SWIFT transfer and its return. A screenshot of the correspondence with the support of an unnamed client with the bank was published by the Telegram channel “Zucchini caviar for a promotion”.

From a dialogue with a bank employee, it can be understood that the client wanted to transfer 460 dollars via SWIFT. The transaction did not go through, but only $260 was returned to the client's account. “Just don’t say that there is also a commission for the return of transfers,” the client clarified. The bank told him that “the return of the SWIFT transfer is carried out as a new SWIFT transfer”, and according to the new Tinkoff rules, the commission for a SWIFT transfer is now 3%, or 200 USD. e. minimum and no more than the amount of the transfer.

“Yes, you are completely crazy, commission on sending, transfer not delivered, commission on return,” the client wrote.

The screenshot does not show the bank's response.

On June 16, Tinkoff-Bank announced the change in the conditions for SWIFT transfers. At the same time, the bank improved the conditions for owners of foreign currency accounts: if earlier it announced the introduction of a monthly commission on all foreign currency accounts over 1,000 USD. e., now he has softened the conditions by raising the threshold to 10 thousand c.u. e.

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