The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Russian Forpost drone. He tried to find a target for defeat in the Nikolaev region

Ukraine destroyed the Russian Forpost drone. This was reported by the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

“On the morning of July 1, the anti-aircraft missile unit of the Yug air command destroyed the Russian Forpost unmanned aerial vehicle, which was trying to find a target to destroy in the Nikolaev region. The plans of the occupiers to obtain intelligence information have been thwarted!”

Forpost was developed on the basis of the Israeli UAV IAI Searcher II, purchased by Russia in 2009-2010. The drones are equipped with a set of optical-television equipment with a real-time transmission system or a reconnaissance container with a synthetic aperture radar. Since 2020, Russia has been assembling Outposts only from its own components.

Earlier in June, the United States suspended a deal to sell four Gray Eagle attack drones to Ukraine. According to Reuters, the Pentagon fears that they could fall into the hands of the Russian military. Officially, the US authorities did not announce their intention to sell drones to Ukraine, the White House supported the deal, which had been planned since early March, but the Pentagon's Office of Security of US Military Technologies suspended it. The objection to exporting the drones arose over fears that their radar and surveillance equipment could pose a security threat to the US if it got into the hands of the Russian military.

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