“Temporary street graves are turning into permanent ones” – another mass grave with the bodies of 100 people found in Mariupol

An adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko, said that a mass grave was found in the city at 53 Kievskaya Street.

More than 100 people have been buried there since the end of February, he said.

"Mariupol. Sad finds every week. A new mass grave under the rubble on the Left Bank. Again, more than 100 human bodies. The occupiers are sorting out the rubble nearby, there is no talk of reburial. The occupying power was so carried away by creating a picture of restoration that they did not reach the hands of reburials. Temporary street graves are gradually turning into permanent ones,” Andryushchenko wrote.

In the second half of May, Mariupol actually came under the control of Russian troops and forces of the so-called DNR. According to local authorities, in two months of continuous shelling and blockade, thousands of civilians were killed there and up to 90% of buildings were destroyed. Russian propaganda claims that normal life is returning to the “liberated” Mariupol, but in reality, the ruined city is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe and is on the verge of an epidemic.

The Insider talked to Mariupol residents who managed to escape to Ukrainian-controlled territories about how they survived the siege and occupation.

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