Russia canceled all restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic

In Russia, against the backdrop of an improvement in the epidemiological situation, all previously imposed restrictions were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is reported by Rospotrebnadzor.

Among other things, the mask regime, the ban on holding mass events and restrictions on catering places are cancelled.

“Due to the ongoing decrease in the intensity of the epidemiological process, Rospotrebnadzor suspends the previously imposed restrictions, including the mask regime, a ban on catering at night and a number of other measures.”

If the situation on COVID-19 worsens, “the action of restrictive measures may be resumed,” the report specifies.

Earlier, The Moscow Times reported that in Moscow state hospitals, those who want to be vaccinated against coronavirus are offered the Sputnik V drug, which expired back in April. As sources in the Ministry of Health told the publication, by the end of May, about 30 million doses of the vaccine worth more than 23 billion rubles had become unusable throughout Russia. At the same time, in January, the department issued an order to extend the expiration date of vaccines, so officially Russians are allowed to be vaccinated "overdue". The frozen vaccine lasts from six to nine months, and the liquid vaccine lasts from two to six months.

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