Nord Stream will be stopped for 10 days

The operator of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, Nord Stream AG, announced that it intends to completely stop the pumping of gas for ten days from July 11 to 21. This is stated in the message of Nord Stream AG:

“From July 11 to July 21, 2022, Nord Stream AG will temporarily shut down both strings of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to carry out scheduled maintenance work, including testing of mechanical components and automation systems, to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of the gas pipeline.”

Nord Stream AG writes that preventive work was previously agreed with all project partners. The company did warn in June about preventive maintenance of the pipeline, but called other dates - from July 15 to July 22.

The temporary shutdown of Nord Stream takes place against the backdrop of a sharp reduction in Russian gas supplies to Europe. The capacities of the gas pipeline itself are currently loaded by only 40% of the possible ones, and Russia refuses to increase supplies through other gas pipelines.

European representatives claim that the Russian side is deliberately provoking a gas crisis in Europe, while the Russian side claims that the reduction in supplies is technical in nature: sanctions banned the supply of gas turbines to Russia, which caused the gas supply through Nord Stream to be sharply reduced.

American Daily Newspaper

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