Nevzlin about the Mau case: “Loyalty to the authorities didn’t help, he was ‘not sheltered’ by people close to Putin”

In the current Russian system, any significant sums must be controlled by people who are either close to the president themselves, or have a "roof" from those close to him. People like Mau, Sergei Zuev , academician Yuri Pivovarov and Kirill Serebrennikov received a lot from the state budget, but they did not have such "roofs". Therefore, there is a planned redistribution of federal funds in this vertically integrated mafia system.

Exactly like this, the Minister of Culture was changed under the Rotenbergs, and Rostourism, in my opinion, also fell under the Rotenbergs. This is a normal process, and Mau's loyalty has nothing to do with it. There would be a person, but there will always be an article. You can find a thousand ways to accuse a person of embezzling money. It is enough to hire a part-time accountant, a cleaning lady and pay them in cash - and here you have a theft from the budget.

It is clear that it is impossible to manage a state organization and not cash out money at all or not transfer money to private organizations - for example, as they were transferred from the academy to Shaninka, where Zuev was the rector - this will be enough to consider that a person receives additional money from state money. benefit. What is normal practice in other countries is not normal in Russia.

It is easy to get moral support from Vladimir Vladimirovich for such matters, because for him getting into the budget is getting into his personal pocket. It is hard to disagree with the fact that the budget is his pocket and he redistributes it himself: through the government or the presidential administration, as is the case with this academy. And now Vladimir Vladimirovich is reported that "such and such people are stealing your personal money instead of staying in the house." If we plunder them, they will remain in the house, and if they plunder them, they will spend them on their own needs, transfer them abroad, and so on. Therefore, it is not necessary to be disloyal, it is enough just to be not your own.

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