Britain will allocate an additional $ 1.2 billion to Ukraine for military assistance

The UK government will allocate an additional £1bn ($1.2bn) for military assistance to Ukraine. This is stated in the message of the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Johnson pledged to support the Ukrainian people to ensure that Russia "will be defeated."

The new aid package will include "integrated air defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, innovative electronic warfare equipment." An order for the production of drones for Kyiv in the amount of £100 million ($120 million) will be received by a British company, which will be able to “scale production”.

The volume of British military assistance to Ukraine reaches $ 2.8 billion, the office said that only the United States sent more for these purposes. With £1.5bn ($1.8bn) of economic and humanitarian aid already provided, total UK aid to Ukraine in 2022 has reached £3.8bn ($4.6bn).

Earlier in June, it was reported that the European Union (EU) will allocate another 205 million euros to Ukraine due to the growing humanitarian crisis in the country.

On May 21, US President Joe Biden signed a law providing Ukraine with additional economic and military assistance in the amount of about $40 billion. The bill provides for the allocation of $24 billion for the purchase of weapons, military equipment, and funding for the Ukrainian army. The remaining funds are intended for economic assistance ($8 billion), to support the work of the Ukrainian leadership, the implementation of food programs in the interests of states that depend on the supply of Ukrainian agricultural products ($5 billion), to help refugees ($1 billion). Also taken into account are Kyiv's expenses for investigating war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

On May 19, the G7 countries decided to allocate $18.4 billion in financial support to Ukraine, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an additional £1.3 billion military aid package for Kyiv. Britain will provide Ukraine with new long-range artillery, drones and anti-ship missiles.

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