Russia will fight with Ukraine until the shelling of Donbass stops – Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council

Russia launched a "special operation" in Ukraine to "stop the shelling of Donbass by Ukraine." This was stated at a meeting of the UN Security Council by Russia's permanent representative to the organization Dmitry Polyansky, TASS writes .

“We launched a special military operation so that the territory of this country, turned into anti-Russia at the suggestion of Western countries, as well as from its nationalist leadership, ceased to pose a threat to both Russia and the inhabitants of the south and southeast of Ukraine. Until these goals are achieved, our operation will continue,” Polyansky said.

He also added that, in his opinion, the supply of weapons to Western countries "only prolongs the agony of the criminal Kyiv regime, ready to sacrifice its population."

Since the beginning of the war, the Russian authorities have rarely explained its goals and end time. President Vladimir Putin, announcing the start of the "special operation", said that it was needed for the "demilitarization and denazification" of Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, argued that the war had two goals: to protect the inhabitants of the “LPR”, as well as the destruction of the “militarist machine” and “denazification” of these regions, so that “there would be no nationalists who promote an absolutely anti-Russian, Russophobic course and trying to push Russia and Ukraine together.”

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