Lawyer Dmitry Talantov, defender of journalist Ivan Safronov, was arrested until August 21 in the case of “fakes” about the army

The Cheryomushkinsky District Court of Moscow arrested Dmitry Talantov, one of the defenders of the journalist Ivan Safronov and the head of the Bar Association of Udmurtia. He was sent to a pre-trial detention center until August 21 in the case of "fakes" about the Russian army.

The defense asked the court to refuse the investigation and appoint a milder measure of restraint - house arrest. Talant does not admit his guilt. He could face 5 to 10 years in prison.

Earlier it was reported that a criminal case had been opened against Talantov, in which four searches were being carried out. The case was brought under Art. 207.3 (public dissemination of deliberately false information about the actions of the RF Armed Forces), said lawyer Yevgeny Smirnov. Before that, lawyer Ivan Pavlov announced the detention of Talantov.

Ivan Pavlov himself left Russia in the fall of 2021 after he was accused of disclosing investigation data in the case of journalist Ivan Safronov, who in turn is accused of treason. Safronov's organization "Team 29" was deemed undesirable in Russia. Later, the Ministry of Justice included Ivan Pavlov in the register of “foreign agents” media.

Safronov was detained on July 7, 2020 and placed under arrest. The investigation stated that in 2012 he was recruited by a representative of the Czech intelligence service, to whom in 2017 he passed secret information related to Russia's military-technical cooperation in African countries and the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in the Middle East. The ultimate recipient of the classified information, according to investigators, was the United States. Safronov does not admit guilt and believes that the criminal case is connected with his journalistic activities.

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