The occupying “authorities” of Kherson detained the mayor of the city Igor Kolykhaev

The occupying "authorities" of Kherson on July 28 detained the mayor of the city Igor Kolykhaev. This was announced on his Facebook page by his adviser Galina Lyashevskaya.

According to her, in the morning Kolykhaev arrived at one of the institutions where the remaining employees of the city executive committee worked. “As soon as he got out of the car, he was immediately detained by the armed National Guard and, most likely, the FSB,” writes Lyashevskaya.

“They seized hard drives from computers, opened all safes, searched for documents. All this time, Kolykhaev was kept in a separate office in handcuffs under armed guards. After the search, Kolykhaev was put on a Z bus and taken away,” says the mayor’s adviser.

Lyashevskaya links Kolykhaev's arrest with his "refusal to cooperate with the occupying authorities." “A few days ago, Kolykhaev received a letter from the “newly appointed” mayor, where he invited him to discuss the future “organization of interaction”. For refusing to meet, he threatened with arrest. Kolykhaev didn’t go, ”Lyashevskaya added.

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