The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claimed responsibility for the fire in the shopping center in Kremenchug, calling the building “non-functioning”

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed responsibility for the fire at the shopping center in Kremenchug, saying that it "did not function" and the fire started due to "the detonation of ammunition stored at the plant nearby."

“On June 27, in the city of KREMENCHUG, Poltava region, the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a strike with high-precision air-based weapons on hangars with weapons and ammunition received from the United States and European countries, in the area of ​​the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles. As a result of a high-precision strike, Western-made weapons and ammunition, concentrated in the storage area for further shipment to the Ukrainian group of troops in Donbas, were hit. The detonation of stored ammunition for Western weapons caused a fire in a non-functioning shopping center located near the territory of the plant, ”the ministry said in a statement.

"New Edition" reports with reference to the mayor of the city that the administrators of the shopping center did not close it.

It is known that at least 18 people died during the explosion in the Amstor shopping center, 36 people are considered missing. Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian missiles had hit the shopping center, there were more than a thousand people there. As the correspondent of The Insider specified, the shopping center is located across the street from the Kredmash plant, which produces equipment for the production of asphalt concrete and asphalt. In total, Russia fired three missiles, two of them hit the shopping center, the third hit the factory.

Volodymyr Zelensky, in his evening address, called Russia the largest terrorist organization in the world. Speaking of a missile attack on a shopping center in Kremenchuk, Zelensky said that "only absolutely frostbitten terrorists" could do this.

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